WebinarNavigating operations technology investments: How to make the right choices

When : February 9, 2017, 2:00PM – 3:00PM EST
Where : Online

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With increased interest in public transit, agency leaders face big, costly decisions about the future of their network — from fleet purchases, to the size of their workforce, to infrastructure expansion to drive ridership. And while these decisions have the potential to support future growth, they also represent a significant increase in spending over their lifetime.

Transit leaders are beginning to realize that investments in advanced software solutions — particularly in the operations domain — have the potential to unlock existing growth potential at a fraction of the cost of network growth. However, many organizations may be choosing technologies with methods that are completely wrong for their goals.

Join this webinar and discover:

  • How the revolution in advanced software solutions can contribute to sustainable growth and efficiency gains for your operations
  • The opportunities that many organizations miss without the right evaluation methods
  • The advanced capabilities that can unlock new ways of thinking about how you run your transit system

Who should attend this webinar:

  • Executive management
  • Operations leaders and managers
  • Information technology/systems management
  • Procurement
  • Systems integrators and consultants

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About the presenters

Dan Crown, Business Unit Director, Quintiq

With over 15 years’ experience leading the design and development of solutions for transportation organizations, Dan is well-versed in the rules and regulations and that rail operators must account for when developing operational plans. As a business unit director for Quintiq, he has worked with passenger rail operators to develop solutions that give them gain full visibility of their workforce and help them better manage and monitor safety conditions. Dan has also led numerous implementations for organizations in the freight rail, airline, and commercial trucking industries.

Pete Nelson, Solutions Architect, Quintiq

Pete has helped hundreds of clients in the last 20 years purchase and implement planning & scheduling systems to improve processes and outcomes in their organizations. As a solutions architect for Quintiq, Pete helps clients focus on areas in resource planning where improvements will be most effective, and clarifies the steps necessary to achieve great results. Pete strives to be a thought leader in resolving difficult planning puzzles.

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