WebinarRailroad operations: 4 keys for improved performance and reliability

When: 10:00AM CDT, June 28, 2017
Where : Online

With shipping volumes still being sluggish, Class I railroads must think differently about how they can improve competitiveness — now and into the future.

For some, this will mean a renewed focus on operational performance with the goal of improving reliability for customers. Railroad operators need to address this question: What operational areas are being overlooked when evaluating where efficiency gains can come from?

In this webinar presented by Pete Nelson in collaboration with Progressive Railroading, we will discuss:

  • Looking for the big picture when it comes to operations improvement
  • Strategies for improving reliability and service quality to match customer expectations
  • The role of technology in unlocking hidden efficiency across all areas of rail operations

About Pete Nelson:

As a solutions architect for Quintiq, Pete helps rail organizations focus on areas in operations planning where improvements will be most effective, and clarifies the steps necessary to achieve great results. He has helped hundreds of clients over the last 20 years purchase and implement planning & scheduling systems to improve processes and outcomes in their organizations. Pete strives to be a thought leader in resolving difficult planning puzzles.

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