Where is your ERP falling short? Ramp up your operations with true SCP&O

February 20, 2019
2:00PM - 3:00PM ET

Manufacturers depend on their ERP systems to enhance their organization’s performance and streamline business processes. ERP systems can track and provide access to data as it flows through your organization. However, they were never intended to provide real value as a planning tool.

ERP systems lack the capacity to easily analyze your data or balance the KPIs critical to your business goals. As a result, the decision-making process is affected by suboptimal decisions informed by poor analysis. An optimal planning solution provides visibility into future planning horizons, as well as the functionality to plan against time and cost.

In this special webinar produced in partnership with APICS, Quintiq solution architect Walt Bednarz will show you how to plan for profit -- by complementing your ERP system with a SCP&O solution. Discover how you can:

  • Overcome planning challenges that ERP systems were never designed to manage
  • Provide immediate, KPI-based feedback on the health of your supply chain
  • Automatically generate plans that eliminate violations of business rules and constraints throughout the entire planning horizon
  • Empower planners with an intelligent, collaborative planning system that provides visibility and minimizes the impact of consequences

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For more information, please contact:
Rosalia Mannino
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About the presenter
Walt Bednarz, Solutions Architect, Quintiq

Walt Bednarz has over 20 years of experience working within engineering and manufacturing environments, including several years of manufacturing operations management and service-oriented workforce management. His consultative approach helps companies identify areas of complexity within their supply chains. He works with companies to develop solutions that help them get the most from their existing resources.