Uncover the path to sustained growth in the digital age

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

September 20 - 21, 2017

InterContinental London - The O2, Waterview Drive,
London, United Kingdom - SE10 0TW

With global supply chains, fickle customers, and diverse markets becoming the norm, what does it take to drive and maintain growth in the digital age? How do you separate the hype from reality? And how do you adopt the right digital strategy, fast?

As Gartner turns its focus to managing disruptions this year, we believe the right approach to digital lies first in tackling a fundamental challenge: supply chain complexity. Without addressing the complexity inherent in your supply chains, you risk oversimplifying issues and modernizing age-old problems.

Don’t miss the keynote by DELMIA Quintiq to get a fresh perspective on supply chain complexity. Then, drop by the DELMIA Quintiq booth to share your planning challenges with one of our experts and explore solutions that can help you achieve your business objectives.

Rest assured, you'll leave with new perspectives and insights into solutions that will help you take on the challenges in the year ahead.

Gartner: Why postmodern ERP is vital to digital business

Stop struggling and master complexity instead

Don’t miss our keynote presentation

Mastering complexity: Planning and optimization in the digital age

The digitalization of industries in recent years has provided tremendous opportunities for value creation and capture, but operational complexity has also risen considerably. Pressure is mounting for businesses to maintain growth, yet many still take a fragmented, function-based approach to planning ill-suited to the demands of the digital age. What’s the solution? Join DELMIA Quintiq General Manager EMEA-Russia Francois Eijgelshoven as he explores the nuances of complexity and the strategies and technologies needed to master it today.

Date & Time: September 20, 3:35pm
Location: Solution Showcase, Level 1

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