Unlock the potential for increased airline flexibility, efficiency, reliability and improved passenger experience

Airline services are expected to be reliable and on time. Less than that results in unhappy customers. At the same time airlines operate in a global environment where success is determined by the interplay of many factors. Effective airline planning relies on your ability to balance cost per available seat mile (CASM) with employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and the complex constraints in every aspect of your business. Add to the mix daily disruptions, changing legislation and fluctuating traffic for an extremely challenging planning puzzle. The solution requires a global approach using a fully integrated and reliable planning platform, to optimize your crew, fleet network and ground handling operations.

Meet your business goals while respecting organization rules and processes
DELMIA Quintiq software provides the solution to the complex airline planning puzzle. It's configured to respect all of your organization's unique constraints, such as contract-specific requirements, labor regulations, and resource availability and capabilities. You define your efficiency, customer service and profitability targets; DELMIA Quintiq gives you the tools and the feedback you need to plan according to those targets. DELMIA Quintiq also gives your planning department the flexibility to handle last-minute schedule changes.

    Fleet & Network
    Crew Planning
    Fleet & Network Management

    Fleet & network management

    Handle all aspects of fleet planning in multiple planning horizons. Assign aircraft types to flight schedules; optimize the assignment of specific aircraft to routes; and make long-term strategic decisions on which destinations to fly to.

    • Reduce costs and increase profits when you optimize for shorter ground times, higher aircraft utilization and lower fuel and transportation costs
    • Improve customer satisfaction due to fewer flight cancellations and delays
    • Respond quickly and confidently to last minute changes and disturbances
    • Benefit from company-wide transparency – the consequences of planning decisions are immediately clear to all planners
    • Analyze various scenarios to determine the impact on your business goals when defining new destinations to fly to
    Crew Planning