Next generation airport optimization technology

Airport management is a dynamic business. Plans change, disruptions occur on a daily basis, but your focus on the safety, security and comfort of the millions who pass through your airport every year must remain the same.

How do you balance this with the need to please multiple stakeholders? Can you comply with complex regulations and labor agreements whilst maintaining healthy profit margins?

DELMIA Quintiq software is designed to fit your business goals 100%. It is configured to respect all of your organization's unique constraints such as contract-specific requirements, labor regulations, resource availability and capabilities.

You’ll be empowered to create fully-practicable long-, mid- and short-term plans in line with your KPIs. You define your efficiency, customer service and profitability targets; DELMIA Quintiq gives you the tools and the feedback you need to plan according to those targets.

To find out more about how DELMIA Quintiq can help you to overcome key challenges in airport operations, click on your area of interest below:

    Passenger Handling
    Cargo Handling
    Aircraft Ground Handling
    Passenger Handling

    Passenger handling covers the entire passenger experience, from the moment they drive into the grounds to the moment they take off. Ultimately, the passenger experience depends on smooth-running operations in which the various in-house and outsourced services at an airport work together well. Behind the scenes there are many considerations that need to be taken into account.

    • Check-in allocation
      Optimize the utilization of prime gates and check-in desks to improve customer satisfaction and ensure fewer flight delays. Reassign gates and crew quickly and easily in response to last-minute changes and disturbances
    • Security checks
      Effective security requires careful process management and highly available information and communication systems. Avoid queues at your security checkpoints and ensure a smooth transition of passengers to the duty free area or gate
    • Luggage handling
      Ensure that your passengers luggage gets loaded onto the right aircraft and unloaded to the correct belts in a timely manner. Make optimal use of your resources and react swiftly to changes in gate or flight delays
    • Transfer service
      Optimize the movement of passengers between gates and terminals
    Cargo Handling
    Aircraft Ground Handling