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Facilities & roster planning for ANSPs

How do you cope with the high level of demand for your ATCO training facilities, a vital part of the ATC industry? Here, you conduct rigorous recruitment and selection; you impart your skills to an elite group of trainees; and you support existing ATCOs in keeping up to date with new procedures and technologies.

And yet, training schedules remain tentative even up until the hour before a session begins. Your trainer is a senior ATCO who is suddenly called in to cover a shift. Your trainees' work schedules have changed and they can no longer attend the planned sessions. Several trainees have to repeat elements of their course creating a knock-on effect on all the sessions to follow. How should your training schedule be adjusted to compensate for these inevitable changes?

    DELMIA Quintiq ATCO training solution relieves some of the pressure involved in planning for a training facility such as yours. Imagine an easy-to-work-with planning software solution that enables you to optimize the use of every resource.
    • Scheduling
      Synchronize training schedules with ATCO rosters
    • Optimization
      Optimize the use of expensive resources such as simulators, trainers and training rooms
    • Flexibility
      Review and modify schedules to suit changing requirements
    • Scenario planning
      Analyze what-if scenarios to anticipate future training requirements
    • Training schedules
      Increase training capacity by optimizing training schedules
    You can do all this and more when you plan your ATCO training facility with DELMIA Quintiq. DELMIA Quintiq is a leader in solving complex planning puzzles in the aviation industry, with customers that include the FAA, DFS, NAV Canada, Airservices Australia and PANSA.

    DELMIA Quintiq also enables ANSPs to optimize employee efficiency in line with regulations and fatigue-minimizing principles – learn more