What will it take to secure your organization against uncertainty?

Market volatility is driving the need for change in the chemical industry. With DELMIA Quintiq's supply chain planning & optimization software, chemical manufacturers achieve complete visibility and control over the entire supply chain across multiple planning horizons. You'll have the confidence to make the best decisions for your organization in the short and long term.

    Read on to explore the benefits of DELMIA Quintiq software for commodity and specialty chemical manufacturers.

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    Commodity Chemicals

    Commodity chemicals

    In good times and bad, the challenge remains the same for commodity chemical manufacturers - to keep costs low and customer service levels high. DELMIA Quintiq provides planners with an overview of the manufacturing process from raw materials to finished goods, enabling you to optimize the entire production process while achieving the highest possible gains in productivity, efficiency and reliability.

    • Transparency
      Get full control and visibility of raw materials, intermediaries and finished products
    • Efficiency
      Improve efficiency and throughput, reduce lead times
    • Responsiveness
      Respond in real time to unexpected opportunities and disruptions
    • Integration
      Align logistics and production plans for improved delivery performance
    • Inventory optimization
      Balance inventory levels with demand to reduce the risk of inventory obsolescence

    • Scenario planning
      Explore the impact of operational and process changes

    • Task optimization
      Optimize the scheduling of maintenance to minimize disruption
    Specialty Chemicals
    Scenario Planning
    • Full transparency has been achieved through the combination of centralized planning and de-centralized scheduling in seven plants. We have seen results in capacity balancing as well as improvements in scheduling. This has further resulted in improved customer service and optimized productivity.

      Pierre Versailles, Operations Excellence Manager
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    Superior chemical production planning

    DELMIA Quintiq's production planning capabilities are the result of our expertise in supply chain planning & optimization combined with the input of customers in both specialty and commodity chemical manufacturing. Our understanding of the problems and processes common to chemical production enables us to offer you a planning solution that respects your organization's unique business rules. DELMIA Quintiq software provides you with only fully practicable and constraint-free plans, optimized against your key performance indicators. Planners are able to foresee the effects of planning decisions on the entire supply chain, enabling more effective decision-making.
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