Profit from intelligent planning

Container shipping lines, ports and terminals can achieve significant savings even with minor improvements in planning and scheduling. Yet container destinations, handling requirements and lay times vary greatly, making for a complex logistics planning puzzle.

What's the solution to the container planning puzzle?

An optimal plan is not only a plan that takes into account the business rules and constraints of your fleet; it's also a plan that is flexible, enabling you to take advantage of daily fluctuations in supply, demand and other market conditions. DELMIA Quintiq provides you with the comprehensive planning support you need to ensure that all decisions regarding the utilization of your vessels are timely, profitable and optimal.

The choice and flexibility to make the best planning decisions for your business

DELMIA Quintiq enables planners to optimize plans through its intuitive interface, real-time KPI-focused reporting tools and state-of-the-art automated planning capabilities. You get the flexibility to choose the level of planning support depending on your preferences and what stage you're at in the planning process. Call on our world-record-breaking optimization algorithms to optimize an entire plan; get easy-to-interpret insights into the impact of planning decisions; act on suggested changes that are derived from your KPIs.

    DELMIA Quintiq software supports container shipping lines with the complex task of planning and scheduling all shipping activities, from network planning to empty repositioning to cleaning and maintenance. Maximize capacity utilization, minimize costs and emissions, ship the same volumes using fewer vessels. Exploit your assets to the fullest with DELMIA Quintiq.

    • Constraint-free plans
      Create plans which reflect all vessel, port, compartment and cargo specifications and constraints
    • Optimization
      Minimize vessel idle time, cleaning and maintenance times, and berthing costs
    • Scheduling
      Maintain an optimal operating schedule throughout the year in line with supply contracts and seasonal fluctuations
    • Capacity optimization
      Maximize the capacity and storage capabilities of every vessel
    • Agility
      Take advantage of lucrative out-charter and spot-market opportunities for your fleet while minimizing the impact of last-minute changes
    • Decision support
      Compare all possible modality and leg combinations (end-to-end) based on cost, available capacity, service levels and timetables
    • Scenario planning
      Explore what-if scenarios and simulate the impact of future events such a surplus of capacity or the closing of a trade lane
    • Repositioning
      Minimize empty flows, optimize and simplify repositioning
    • Network optimization
      Design an optimal fleet network