Invest in intelligent planning for profits and productivity

In the dynamic copper market there are numerous factors that complicate production and contribute to price fluctuations. With new capacity coming on line and copper consumption increasing, supply chain optimization is fast becoming a critical differentiator.

DELMIA Quintiq's supply chain planning & optimization platform has a suite of features and capabilities specifically designed for the copper industry. You get the insights and support you need to thrive in a volatile environment. You're able to optimize the entire copper supply chain and minimize production process disturbances and delays in raw materials transport.

    Strengthen your competitive edge with DELMIA Quintiq's supply chain planning & optimization software.

    • Flexibility and responsiveness
      Increase flexibility in responding to last minute changes and disturbances. Identify and minimize bottlenecks and increase asset utilization for higher levels of productivity
    • Task optimization
      Minimize the impact of downtime for vacations and maintenance
    • Customer service
      Lower production and transportation costs. Improve customer service and delivery performance
    • Efficiency
      Shorten lead times
    • Process Optimization
      Optimize setup times
    • Reliability
      Make accurate and reliable order acceptances and promises
    • Routing optimization
      Determine optimal routing combinations to minimize the number of steps in the production process
    • DELMIA Quintiq software is built to ensure ease and speed of implementation, stability and support in a planning solution that is fully squared with your unique business rules and processes. In the long term you'll continue to benefit from regular updates and improvements, and the ability to make changes as your business evolves. DELMIA Quintiq is the solutions provider of choice for many of the world's largest primary and secondary smelters, casting facilities, hot and cold mills, extrusion facilities and service centers

    • With the DELMIA Quintiq scheduler, we are able to handle all short term planning challenges and respond quickly to our customer. With implementing the company planner, we expect a quick reduction of inventory costs, better delivery performance and a company-wide visibility. Partnering with DELMIA Quintiq therefore was our natural choice.
      Francesco De Nola, Manufacturing Director for Copper Tubes and Rolled Products, KME
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