Smarter planning for better customer service

How do you measure success as a field service organization?

For some, it’s about getting the job done quickly and cheaply. For others, it’s maximizing revenue. But many are realizing that customer satisfaction is the primary driver of revenue growth, retention, and operational performance. Why then, don’t more companies empower their planners to delight customers?

It all comes down to planning.

An integrated approach to delivering happiness

Planning your field operations can be a monumental challenge, particularly if your routes, equipment, and workers are managed separately with little communication between planners. The common, siloed approach to planning makes it hard for planners to see the big picture and make smarter, in-the-moment decisions that drive efficiency.

So what does it take to put your customers’ satisfaction first?

For efficient, customer-oriented operations, your organization needs to plan and optimize as one. The DELMIA Quintiq integrated planning and optimization platform gives you the six critical capabilities for true, customer-centric optimization:
    • End-to-end visibility
      Boost operational responsiveness with real-time insights into the location and utilization of your resources such as technicians, parts, and equipment.
    • Intelligent disruption management
      Minimize the impact on customers with fast and accurate decision support to resolve field issues quickly.
    • Field mobility that drives results
      Update plans and communicate with field service personnel via mobile apps and devices.
    • Integrated resource management
      Manage equipment, people, vehicles, and more on one shared platform.
    • Real-time optimization
      Quickly generate plans that account for all of your resources and constraints. Balance requirements of planned, unplanned, and one-off maintenance projects.
    • 100%-fit
      Ensure compliance with complex workforce regulations, employee preferences, and situational constraints.

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