Does your supply chain have the resilience to survive today's market conditions?

The need to guarantee product freshness, keep up with changing demand and comply with strict regulations means looking beyond inventory and transportation costs. You are expected to anticipate demand in order to get the right product to the customer when and where it is needed. The bottom line is, your supply chain requires operational flexibility.

The world's leading F&B manufacturers are integrating their supply chains to improve efficiency, reduce costs and take advantage of business opportunities. DELMIA Quintiq enables you to meet these goals by developing a cost-efficient, optimized plan that takes into account your unique business constraints and strict service-level agreements.

    Discover the difference the industry's most powerful supply chain planning & optimization solution can make to your business.

    • Flexibility
      Reorganize supplier sourcing and ingredients to cope with the rise in demand for private-label brands and organic foods
    • Efficiency
      Increase the efficiency of delivery patterns - get the right product to the customer when they need it without compromising on quality
    • Optimization
      Optimize production and inventory for fresher goods with an improved shelf life.
    • Competitiveness
      Strengthen operational flexibility, response time and delivery performance to outperform the competition
    • Responsiveness
      Maintain a high level of delivery reliability by responding in real time to unplanned business disturbances
    • Centralized planning
      Increase throughput and minimize bottlenecks and the associated risks of inventory obsolescence with integrated end-to-end planning
    Are you aware of the pitfalls of F&B supply chains? Download this whitepaper to learn how to identify and avoid them