Plan for profitable, agile and cost-effective operations

DELMIA Quintiq helps maritime logistics companies overcome the multiple external pressures and internal constraints that plague daily operations – giving your company the exact planning and optimization capabilities you need to efficiently and profitably meet these challenges.

Increase your operational efficiency and resource utilization, reduce transportation costs, and differentiate your services with superior delivery performance.

Comprehensive planning support ensures that all decisions regarding the utilization of your vessels are optimal.

Company-wide access to real-time data enables your planners and managers to make timely, profitable decisions consistently.

Decision-support capabilities provide planners with fast calculations, suggestions, alerts, and intuitive visualizations – allowing planners to shift their focus from data processing to quality planning.
    • Network optimization
      Design an optimal fleet network
    • Maintenance optimization
      Minimize vessel idle time, cleaning and maintenance times, and berthing costs
    • Capacity optimization
      Maximize the capacity and storage capabilities of every vessel
    • Scheduling
      Maintain an optimal operating schedule throughout the year in line with supply contracts and seasonal fluctuations
    • Scenario planning
      Explore what-if scenarios and simulate the impact of future events such a surplus of capacity or the closing of a trade lane
    • Agility
      Take advantage of lucrative out-charter and spot-market opportunities for your fleet while minimizing the impact of last-minute changes
    • Constraint optimization
      Create plans which reflect all vessel, port, compartment and cargo specifications and constraints
    • Revenue optimization
      Maximize the yield and utilization of every vessel and sell your services at the right price at the right time.
    • This has been a model IT project. Quick to implement, the DELMIA Quintiq system provides real planning transparency and, most importantly, quick returns. Having seen the operational, the business and the financial benefits of phase one makes it so much easier for us to extend the system right across the enterprise into our Asset Division.?

      Bas Belder, Managing Director, P&O Ferrymasters
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    DELMIA Quintiq provides intelligent planning solutions for all shipping and terminal operations as well as inland distribution and supply chain control towers – no matter how large or complex the organization. Find out more about what DELMIA Quintiq does for customers in your area of specialization: