Insulate your supply chain against volatility

Planning can make or break businesses vulnerable to the unpredictable fluctuations in demand for oil & gas. The risks of making financial decisions based on forecasted demand are greater than ever. Ensuring safety and minimizing environmental impact while maximizing return on capital employed requires optimization across integrated supply chains.

Optimize against constraints for healthier margins

DELMIA Quintiq’s integrated supply chain planning software for oil & gas companies is configured to respect all of your organization’s business rules, such as production capacity, inventory and logistics constraints and contractual requirements. DELMIA Quintiq software provides you with only fully practicable plans, optimized against your unique key performance indicators and constraints. All plans can be adjusted in real-time to reflect the day-to-day realities of your business. Explore the benefits of DELMIA Quintiq software for upstream, midstream, downstream and integrated oil & gas companies.



    Exploration is always risky - make it an informed risk with DELMIA Quintiq.
    • Scenario planning
      Assess the profitability of exploration wells by comparing different demand and supply scenarios and plant capabilities
    • Decision support
      Compare the potential profitability of various sites in order to make the best decision for the future of your organization
    • Multi-resource optimization
      Optimize the scheduling of field services equipment and contractors to control costs
    • Real-world plans
      Create practicable plans that incorporate all business goals, rules and legislation
    As the world's major oil & gas fields are depleted, oil & gas producers are forced to invest in the exploration of smaller, more complex oil fields. This requires more sophisticated equipment operated by highly-trained specialists, both of which are in high demand and come at a greater cost. Optimizing these valuable resources can mean the difference between a viable project and a costly mistake. Get it right with DELMIA Quintiq oil & gas planning software.
    Find out what a fully optimized oil & gas supply chain looks like


    How do oil & gas producers cope with fluctuating prices and turbulent markets? Smart production planning is key to success - this depends on the ability to make reliable estimates of future demand.
    • Scenario planning
      Explore what-if scenarios such as significant changes in demand to predict the impact on your short- and long-term plans, and prepare for scheduling disruptions
    • Demand forecasting
      Forecast future requirements in order to determine capacity, expansion and contraction
    • Inventory optimization
      Determine the optimal amount of inventory to be stored in each location based on existing and forecasted demand and the costs involved in each alternative, monitor and manage reservoirs and pipelines
    • Logistics optimization
      Optimize production in collaboration with distribution and fleet and vessel operations
    • Flexibility and responsiveness
      Respond quickly and efficiently to opportunities in the dynamic commodities market

    DELMIA Quintiq software gives you real-time visibility into market trends and every aspect of your operations. Armed with the actionable insights that DELMIA Quintiq provides, you are able to optimize the purchase, allocation and utilization of your valuable production resources and workforce. With DELMIA Quintiq you can be confident you are making informed decisions that are right for your business today and into the future.