Plan your way to improved productivity and profitability

Scheduling highly skilled oilfield service engineers, buying and maintaining sophisticated equipment, handling simultaneous projects in isolated locations – the challenges in planning oilfield services are complex and relentless.

Do your planning processes allow you optimize these variables? Are you able to see the impact of your decisions across every time horizon, from long-term strategic to day of execution? If not, your planning systems are holding you back.

The DELMIA Quintiq integrated platform solves the unique planning problems of the oilfield services sector. Increase profits and improve performance with a smarter planning system. Here’s how:
    • Workforce scheduling
      Schedule employees according to skills, experience and qualifications, and ensure that all shift strategies and assignments conform to every business constraint
    • Resource optimization
      Cut idle time, minimize the use of contractors and reduce equipment investments
    • Demand balancing
      Optimize your capital-investment, hiring and training plans based on demand forecasts
    • KPI-based planning
      Analyze in real time the impact of every decision on your key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • Single-platform planning
      Enable instant communication and data exchange between all divisions, planners and field service engineers regardless of location, using their personal mobile devices
    • Responsiveness
      Receive real-time best alternatives to respond quickly to – and minimize the impact of – disruptions