Ensure safety, sustainability and operational excellence

The petrochemical industry is faced with volatile feedstock costs, cyclical product prices and increasing pressure to reduce its impact on the environment. Complex, integrated supply chains are the norm. Optimizing your supply chain is critical to achieving operational excellence and the overall objective of maximizing return on capital while ensuring safety and sustainability.

Do your planning processes allow you to overcome these challenges to take advantage of the opportunities supply chain optimization offers? DELMIA Quintiq's intelligent supply chain planning & optimization software enables petrochemical companies to increase throughput and yield, reduce the consumption of energy, reduce inventory and improve customer service throughout the petrochemical supply chain realities of your business.

    Strengthen your competitive edge with DELMIA Quintiq's supply chain planning & optimization software.

    Scenario Planning

    Scenario planning

    Plan for a profitable future

    Optimization of the petrochemical value chain starts with making the correct investment decisions, which requires analysis of multiple possible economic scenarios. You're then able to make the changes required to optimize future performance, evaluate long-term investments in production and distribution facilities and so achieve your long-term goals.
    Sales & Operations Planning

    Sales & operations planning

    Master the ongoing trade-off between customer response times, production efficiency and inventory

    DELMIA Quintiq supports you in determining what to produce and where, and what feedstocks to purchase and how to transport and store them. With full visibility into sales, marketing, finance, production and supply chain operations, you can make business decisions with confidence.

    • KPI-based planning
      Enable your planners to make the decisions in line with your KPIs for customer satisfaction, cost, productivity, and profitability
    • Accurate demand forecasts
      Benefit from increased accuracy and frequency of demand forecasting
    • Complete supply chain visibility
      Fulfill demand at minimum cost when you plan with a comprehensive view of your supply chain
    • Reliable lead times
      Make delivery promises with confidence
    Production Planning

    Production planning

    Achieve operation excellence and customer satisfaction

    Intelligent planning of an integrated petrochemical complex is essential for operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Yet true optimization is beyond the capacity of traditional planning systems when plans must take into account the cost of alternative feedstocks and the many production constraints. DELMIA Quintiq's standard software is configured to model the capacity, processes and constraints unique to your business in order to provide truly optimal production schedules.

    • Model processes
      Model the entire petrochemical complex from feedstock receipt to shipment of finished products
    • Optimize capacity
      Select the optimum olefins plant feed stocks and allocate them to specific pyrolysis furnaces
    • Optimize against constraints
      Determine the optimum operating conditions for each unit to maximize production and minimize energy costs taking into account feedstock quality and all relevant constraints
    • Optimize maintenance
      Schedule furnace decoking, equipment cleaning and maintenance
    • Optimize transitions
      Optimize polymer grade changes to minimize transition time


    Ensure efficient and timely delivery

    Your customers are spread around the globe and require a wide variety of different quality and grades of materials as feedstocks. Ensuring the efficient and timely delivery of these materials from the production site to the customer while managing inventory levels requires optimization of the supply chain as a whole. DELMIA Quintiq supports petrochemical companies in planning and optimizing distribution between manufacturing sites and to customers. With DELMIA Quintiq, you can optimize your global distribution network and the inventory of each product at each location to provide superior customer satisfaction.