• 4 ways to turn pilot planning into a competitive advantage

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Modernize the pilot planning process

Does your planning department struggle to cope with the complexity of planning pilot transitions, vacations and training? To create plans and schedules, planners require access to accurate information on: pilot seniority, present and future training requirements; current levels of qualification; pilots’ preferences; transition bids; vacation allowance and requests; and availability for training.

    Airlines often store this data in several incompatible legacy systems, meaning it is unreliable, and difficult to retrieve. Planners also complain of the frustration of running queries on this data, and of the difficulty of modifying plans. The more challenging it is to create plans and schedules, the more likely it is that your planning department will be satisfied with producing any plan rather than the optimal plan. 

    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines approached DELMIA Quintiq with this planning puzzle. Find out more about KLM’s puzzle and DELMIA Quintiq’s solution.

    DELMIA Quintiq is a complete planning solution, designed to replace incompatible legacy systems with one powerful and flexible system. DELMIA Quintiq cockpit crew management software handles all aspects of crew planning in multiple planning horizons. It enables your planners to generate optimal plans which make the most cost-effective and efficient use of your resources, in line with your key performance indicators.

    • Transition planning
      Minimize time spent on planning pilot transitions
    • Forecasting
      Forecast capacity and demand for pilot transitions, training facilities and vacation allowance
    • Alignment
      Align cockpit crew plans with your airline’s business goals
    • Scenario planning
      Create multiple scenarios, explore what-if scenarios, anticipate the impact of disruptions
    • Manual to automatic
      Decide which aspects of your plan to optimize, and which require the judgment and input of your planners
    • Visualization
      Visualize the impact of industry trends on capacity and demand
    • Optimization
      Optimize the use of expensive resources, such as pilots and training simulators
    Discover 4 ways to turn pilot planning into a competitive advantage. Get your copy of the whitepaper now.