Sophisticated planning support for optimal profitability

The complexity of the postal and express delivery services industry extends throughout sorting centers, transport hubs and delivery networks. Critical dependency is placed on planners, whose plans must respect the conflicting rules and constraints of processes, drivers, vehicles, sorting machines and mail processing clerks. Faced with demand fluctuations and fierce competition, leading organizations are investing in DELMIA Quintiq's supply chain planning & optimization software to boost performance and visibility for exceptional customer service levels and a healthier profit margin.

DELMIA Quintiq planning & optimization software transforms constraints into opportunities to achieve operational efficiency and maximize your competitive advantage. DELMIA Quintiq software factors in every single one of your complex requirements enabling planners to make decisions that bring significant business value to your organization.

Opt for a platform that is responsive, cost-effective and provides a perfect fit with your unique business model.

    Read on to explore the benefits DELMIA Quintiq has to offer the postal and the express delivery services industry.

    Express Delivery


    Times are changing. The balance of mail and parcel volumes is shifting, wages are rising and labor is poorly utilized. The need for total operational visibility and control is greater than ever. Postal operators are currently evaluating all aspects of operations to identify potential cost savings.

    Do you have the tools needed to make timely and accurate planning decisions based on anticipated mail volumes?

    In this dynamic environment, cost management, resource optimization, exceptional customer service delivery and the ability to adjust quickly to market changes are vital to the success of your organization. From mail collection and delivery to time-definite parcel delivery or full contract logistics, DELMIA Quintiq helps you meet your challenges by providing an integrated set of advanced and adaptive planning systems that are 100%-fit with your operations.

    • Task optimization
      Increase operational efficiency through integrated planning where real-time coordination is used to assign tasks to workers for the day of execution
    • Resource optimization
      Improve utilization of capacity through efficient assigning of machines, vehicles and personnel on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
    • Transparency
      Obtain company-wide visibility into operations from the strategic level down to the operational level for effective planning
    • Flexibility
      Incorporate all business-specific rules including delivery-address characteristics and constraints
    • Integrated planning
      Create plans that take multiple factors into account including time and leave policies, labor contracts and weekly trends in sick leave
    • Cost savings
      Achieve significant savings in sorting costs due to better volume-capacity balancing

    DELMIA Quintiq's postal planning solution empowers you to make optimal use of resources. Improve service quality, flexibility and reach and successfully introduce new services – with maximum cost effectiveness.

    Download our postal logistics planning brochure to gain valuable insights into key features that enable your operations to achieve a healthier profit margin

    Parcel & Express