Overcome complexity in public transport planning

As a public transport provider, you must balance conflicting demands. Your passengers and local authorities expect your services to be safe, reliable and affordable. Your stakeholders demand efficiency and therefore profitability. Your employees expect you to comply with labor regulations and respect their personal needs and preferences. Several of these factors determine your ability to win and retain concessions.

Inevitable delays and disruptions add to the complexity. As do seasonally fluctuating passenger numbers.

What's the solution to the public transport planning puzzle?

DELMIA Quintiq software enables your planning department to optimize timetables and the utilization of all resources. You're able to handle strategic, tactical, and operational planning throughout the organization using one integrated platform. You define your service-delivery, employee-satisfaction and customer-satisfaction targets; DELMIA Quintiq gives you the support and insights you need to plan according to those targets.

Create better plans faster with DELMIA Quintiq

  • Create demand-driven timetables that balance customer satisfaction and efficiency
  • Incorporate employee preferences to increase employee satisfaction and retention
  • Optimize the utilization of every resource
  • Create plans that incorporate your crew's skills, route knowledge, home base and personal preferences
  • Handle real-time disturbances with ease

  • Real time data
    Receive valuable data on the utilization and current status of every resource to support accurate decision making
  • Configurability
    Meet the different planning needs of multiple planners with customizable interfaces
  • KPI analysis
    Gain insight into the effects planning has on business goals with KPI analysis
  • Scenario planning
    Explore the potential profitability of investing in new routes and vehicles, as well as the impact of new regulations, changing demographics and more with DELMIA Quintiq's scenario-planning capabilities
  • Maintenance optimization
    Optimize maintenance schedules to minimize the disruptions on your timetable and fleet

How can intelligent planning software mitigate the profit-neutralizing effect of rising fuel costs?

Rising fuel costs are both a blessing and a curse for public transport providers. When fuel prices rise, people turn to public transport. Income goes up, but so does the per-mile cost of every vehicle. With DELMIA Quintiq, you can explore possible routes and timetables to identify those that are most profitable and in line with your KPIs. You're then able to optimize timetables and routes to minimize fuel costs (and therefore emissions) and idle time, meet demand and make full use of your resources.

Leading public transport providers are investing in DELMIA Quintiq's planning & optimization software in order to optimize their operations. Find out more about the planning solution employed by leading public transport operators, such as GVB.

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