Optimize operations while growing and maintaining your network

When it comes to rail, everyone – passengers, operators, and infrastructure management professionals– wants the same thing: safe, affordable, reliable transportation. However, like-mindedness tends to break down when it comes to deciding how to achieve this goal.

Already demand for maintenance and growth exceeds capacity. Rail and freight operators compete for limited possession time. Passengers are intolerant of delays or discomfort in the present – even if this means increased speed and frequency in the future.

DELMIA Quintiq addresses the specific challenges of infrastructure management. Whether you are a network manager or a railway infrastructure contractor, DELMIA Quintiq empowers you to maximize capacity and make intelligent, financially sound decisions for operations, maintenance and growth.

    Network Management

    Network management

    Railway network planning challenges are wide-ranging and complex. They cover every aspect of projects and maintenance, capacity management and traffic control. They encompass long, medium, short and up-to-the-minute choices. They have to take into account rules, changing legislation and labor laws. Finalized plans then have to stand up to stakeholder scrutiny for efficiency, sustainability and responsible use of public funds.

    Success lies in your ability to see the full picture. In seeing how can you best prioritize the upgrading of passenger or freight routes. Or how to most effectively plan, operate and maintain a growing transportation network. Or how to minimize delays and get trains back on schedule after a breakdown.

    DELMIA Quintiq gives you full visibility across all operations and planning horizons. It takes all your rules, business priorities and restrictions into account and creates plans to advance your business goals. It enables you to transmit your plans and changes in real-time to your team’s mobile devices.

    • All-horizon planning
      Generate strategic, tactical and operational plans network-wide with a single, integrated platform
    • Transparency
      Gain full visibility of current and future operations
    • Scenario planning
      Simulate alternative scenarios to prepare for disruptions and make investment decisions
    • Responsiveness
      Respond to unplanned events in real time to minimize the impact of disruptions
    • Capacity optimization
      Increase your operational efficiency and asset utilization
    • Flexibility
      Opt for a scalable solution that grows with your needs and network
    For every planning horizon and across all operations, DELMIA Quintiq empowers you to make decisions that are in the best interest of operators, passengers and your bottom line.
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