Optimized planning for efficient, profitable retailing

Businesses in the retail sector today must overcome an ever-changing set of challenges to remain profitable. Customer demand for product choice and availability is growing. Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex to plan. Competitors are developing evermore innovative solutions to gain an advantage.

These factors mean your organization must achieve a level of optimized flexibility to remain competitive. You need to find ways to satisfy demand while minimizing costs and tackling the mounting pressure to reduce your carbon footprint.

Simplify the retail planning process

From cost effective shelf-edge fulfilment to efficient shift scheduling for employees, our retail planning solution provides transparency across the entire supply chain, with visibility into operations at all planning levels throughout your company.

DELMIA Quintiq's supply chain planning and optimization software is client and industry specific, but founded on tried and tested models, making it quick and easy to integrate. Once it's up and running, your organization can benefit from immediate insight into the effects of planning decisions on your key performance indicators.

With DELMIA Quintiq you can:
  • Optimize the use of resources with better volume-capacity balancing, enhanced logistical planning and optimized scheduling
  • Minimize cost and carbon footprints by cutting your network operation expenditure, stock movement and fuel consumption
  • Create optimal employee schedules in one step that balances productivity goals with customer and employee satisfaction
  • Free store managers from time-consuming plan validation work, to focus on important business decisions

    One stop optimized planning for retail

    • Stock optimization
      Ensure product availability with cost effective shelf-edge fulfillment and optimized stock holding capacity
    • Improved customer service
      Enhance the customer experience with tailored services, superior product availability and improved first time delivery rates
    • Integration
      Integrate DELMIA Quintiq with existing information systems to solve your unique planning puzzles and gain greater visibility and control of your business
    • Workforce planning
      Fulfill medium- and long-term workforce demands with greater efficiency
    • Rostering and shift scheduling
      Create optimal shift schedules which consider all business rules, resource characteristics, and constraints
    • Task Scheduling
      Receive real-time disruption alerts as well as suggestions on how to resolve them quickly to minimize impact
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