Secure the future of your organization with superior security planning

Recent global events have made security vital to more businesses and individuals than ever before. The result: exponential growth in the security industry that has created both lucrative opportunities and increased competition. Security service providers must constantly aim to optimize operations by decreasing costs and maximizing resource utilization to remain competitive.

Overcome all security planning challenges

DELMIA Quintiq's security planning solution enables you to overcome the full range of security planning and scheduling challenges by providing a single solution covering all activities in the short, mid and long term. Long-term strategic planning capabilities include what-if scenario planning and key performance indicator (KPI) analysis. Mid-term tactical planning capabilities include roster and shift scheduling to optimize personnel and resource capacity utilization. Operational planning capabilities include real-time operational control, event and disruption management and dispatching.

    • Real-time monitoring
      Monitor resources in real time by integrating with GPS systems
    • Roster optimization
      Optimize rosters to reduce overtime and operational overhead costs
    • Disruption management
      Respond to disruptions in real-time, and allocate additional personnel and resources based on system recommendations
    • Dynamic scheduling
      Schedule mobile-guarding tours with varying routines for increased safety and efficiency
    • Resource optimization
      Calculate resource capacities and optimally plan equipment utilization
    • Reliability
      Improve customer service by ensuring timely and accurate resource deployment
    • Mobility
      DELMIA Quintiq's mobility server allows you to communicate with security personnel in the field and make sure plans are always up to date

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