Strengthen your competitive advantage

How do you cope with the daily complexity of planning your steel production facility? Are you able to meet tight delivery schedules while juggling complicated production sequences, rush orders and unplanned events such as raw material delays? Creating optimal plans that meet the needs of your customers, stakeholders and departments can be extremely challenging. Faced with mounting complexity, there’s a risk that your planners have lost sight of the end goal – a sustainable, profitable business model.

You can shift your focus from merely reducing costs to creating value and strengthening your competitive advantage. Equip yourself with the support and insights to produce the highest possible throughput with the lowest possible inventory, while ensuring high quality and delivery performance.

    Strengthen your competitive edge with DELMIA Quintiq's supply chain planning & optimization software.

    • Accuracy
      Make accurate and reliable order acceptances and promises
    • Utilization
      Minimize bottlenecks and increase asset utilization to increase productivity
    • Reliability
      Offer superior customer service and delivery performance
    • Production optimization
      Shorten lead times by optimizing the production process
    • Flexibility
      Gain greater flexibility in responding to last minute orders and disturbances
    • Efficiency
      Lower production and transportation costs
    • Routing optimization
      Minimize the number of steps with production sequences that keep orders together as long as possible
    • With a detailed Proof of Concept, DELMIA Quintiq clearly demonstrated that their flexible solution was perfectly geared to support our complex requirements. The weekly plans contain all the in-depth information, down to the final planning of sequences in continuous casting. The effects of short-term changes in production – such as smelting more or less steel than was planned during scheduling – are immediately reflected in the weekly schedules at each facility.
      Frank Vidic, Head of IT/SCM/Order Processing, ThyssenKrupp Steel Duisburg
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    DELMIA Quintiq software is built to ensure ease and speed of implementation, stability and support in a planning solution that is fully squared with your unique business rules and process. In the long term you’ll continue to benefit from regular updates and improvements, and the ability to make changes as your business evolves. It's the solutions provider of choice for many of the world’s largest primary and secondary smelters, casting facilities, hot and cold mills, extrusion facilities and service centers.
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