Ensure that your shipping and handling services are efficient, reliable and profitable

Liquid bulk shipping and handling presents a complex planning puzzle. Specific to this market is the high degree of spot-market transactions. The cargo destination is not always known and can change during the voyage. Meanwhile, oil, gas and chemical prices fluctuate daily. Knowing that there are only a limited number of large crude oil vessels globally, competitive information on other vessel positions and market information need to be taken into account when bidding on spot cargo and scheduling your fleet.

Intelligent planning is the key to your ongoing success

Combining this with many variables, constraints and business rules makes the puzzle very dynamic and complex. It’s often beyond the capacity of legacy systems and manual planning techniques to overcome this complexity to create optimal plans. Additional intelligence and planning support is needed to make sure profitable decisions are taken every single time. Tanker planning systems must be agile and responsive.

In order to create the best possible plans, your planners must have an overview of all available and utilized assets, resource capabilities and constraints. This requires DELMIA Quintiq planning software, which offers full visibility of all activities and takes into account the unique constraints, key performance indicators (KPIs) and characteristics of every shipment.


    Empower your planners to create actionable plans that take full account of vessel and hatch capacity and last-cargo restrictions. Optimize utilization while minimizing cleaning costs and delays. Maximize capacity utilization.

    DELMIA Quintiq liquid bulk carrier planning solution makes that possible.

    • Scenario planning
      Simulate what-if scenarios and understand the impact on KPIs
    • Collaboration
      Enable smooth collaboration between planners as vessels move between ports
    • Optimization
      Ensure the most profitable mix of contracted and spot-market opportunities
    • Reliability
      Offer accurate quotes and delivery time slots to your customers
    • Decision support
      Explore recommended plans before choosing and refining the plan which best meets your KPIs
    • Berth optimization
      Optimize complex berth planning for profitability, taking into account regulations and contamination risks
    • Maintenance optimization
      Optimize hatch cleaning and maintenance activities to minimize the impact
    • Real-time planning
      Handle last-minute orders and day-of-operations disruptions with ease
    • Transparency
      Gain full visibility of current and future operations, including fleet capacity and current location, orders, and estimated and actual and transit times
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