Better customer service doesn't have to be costly

Do you see network maintenance and customer support as nothing more than the cost of doing business? If so, you could be missing out on the opportunity to profit from your field services.

With increased competition for service providers, lower customer spending, and lower product margins becoming the norm today, it’s no longer just about controlling costs. Instead, leading organizations are looking to increase revenues by improving customer retention.

Satisfied customers mean more potential for package upgrades, referrals, and positive word of mouth.

Put customers first, while keeping operating costs low

The DELMIA Quintiq field service planning and optimization solution helps your field service teams to operate at maximum efficiency while putting customers first.

Here’s what a smarter planning platform can do for your organization and customers:

    • Offer tighter service windows and improve response time
      Give your customers the option of choosing a service window that best suits their schedules. When changes happen, planners receive real-time alerts and have the power to dispatch the right technician within minutes to make sure you keep your appointment and resolve customer issues.
    • Boost productivity and profitability
      Maximize workforce utilization by optimizing schedules based on skill sets, location, and shift preferences. In the field, technicians spend less time on the road through intelligent routing directly to their mobile devices. Dispatch the right technician for the job every time to ensure that fixes are done right the first time.
    • Make accurate, data-centric decisions — every time
      Create forecasts based on real-time customer data and align resource schedules to demand. Planners can make changes and have them pushed to technicians in seconds, giving you the agility to respond to changing customer needs and network issues faster.