The right fit for your business

Textile manufacturing is characterized by intense competition; customers demand better products, greater variety and higher service levels. Supply chain integration and collaboration are needed to enhance performance.

DELMIA Quintiq offers a planning solution tailored to suit textile manufacturers, customized to reflect your unique business rules. The right textile production planning & optimization solution enables you to achieve end-to-end planning for total supply chain and production visibility, reduced lead times, higher levels of customer satisfaction, and greater efficiency.

    DELMIA Quintiq's unrivaled flexibility takes all your unique textile production requirements into account to deliver a 100% fit.

    • Process optimization
      Deliver superior customer service with reduced lead times and set-up times, for example by optimizing order combinations on beams
    • Inventory optimization
      Improve delivery reliability and reduce inventory levels
    • Responsiveness
      Respond quickly and confidently to new forecasts that affect the planning and scheduling of weaving, knitting and finishing activities
    • Transparency
      Gain complete visibility over your supply chain
    • Agility
      Respond effectively to profitable opportunities and rush orders
    • Integration
      Increase throughput with integrated end-to-end planning
    • The facts speak for themselves. Textile manufacturer Vlisco slashed lead times by 50%, improved delivery reliability by as much as 60% and reduced inventory by 18% with DELMIA Quintiq.

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    Opt for textile production planning software that's as unique as your multi-phase production environment. Discover the difference the industry's most powerful supply chain planning & optimization solution can make to your textile business.
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