Fast, accurate and profitable vessel scheduling

When it comes to vessel scheduling, planners expect change but are ill-equipped to deal with it.

When you plan a voyage, you know that the schedule you create will undergo multiple revisions and updates. You have to adjust for demand fluctuations, changes in the weather or unexpected delays. Changes to your schedule continue right up to the moment the vessel departs and even after.

The difference between one scheduling decision and another can cost or save your company huge amounts of time, trouble and money. An optimal vessel scheduling solution is one that helps you ensure that every decision you make is the best one for your company, your customers and your bottom line.

With DELMIA Quintiq, all the information you need is right in front of you in real time. You have visibility into the effect of changes across all operations and planning horizons. You can consider your best options - ranked and weighted for your KPIs – to make the smartest decision every time.
    • Visibility
      See effects of current and future planning decisions across operations
    • Responsiveness
      Receive and respond to real-time alerts regarding changes and violations of constraints
    • Optimization
      Optimize vessel deployment and vessel space allocation
    • Disruption management
      Re-optimize schedules to minimize the impact of last-minute changes
    • KPI-based planning
      Quickly generate or revise plans to increase on-time performance, optimize for profitability and fulfill your commitments to customers
    • Scenario planning
      Simulate the effect of possible disruptions or other future events
    • Centralized planning
      Share real-time data so even ad hoc decisions turn into a well-orchestrated combination of voyages that work together