5 steps to optimize profits in the hard-hit oil & gas industry

It’s a tough time to be in the oil & gas industry. You’re pressured to hit higher levels of efficiency and productivity while keeping costs at bay. You recognize the need to transform your operations for sharpened competitive edge – but what is the most effective approach?

David Blain, director of oil & gas at DELMIA Quintiq, has the answers. In this webinar, he shares how industry leaders are tackling major challenges through smart planning strategies and optimization technology.

Discover the solution to your biggest operational headaches, and be on your way towards:

  • Maximizing production efficiency with fast and efficient shutdown planning
  • Optimizing primary and secondary distribution performance, including movements by pipeline, vessels, rail and trucks
  • Reducing risks and improving workforce efficiency
  • Measuring results in real-time to get instant feedback on decisions

Watch now

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