How to survive the rapidly changing retail space

Major U.S. retailers planned to close 3,600 stores in 2018, on the heels of the 5,000 closures of 2017. This trend also unfolding worldwide, points to tough years ahead for traditional retailers if they don’t innovate.

Innovation is not limited to the products sold. It extends to the customer experience, particularly as more customers move to online shopping and retailers lose out on face time with their customers. Customers wanting faster delivery, more delivery options, a seamless omnichannel experience and painless returns increases complexity in planning and scheduling.

Adrian Gonzalez, founder and president of Adelante SCM, talks to Peter Shin, Business Unit Director of North America, DELMIA Quintiq, about the complexities in the retail industry and the single most important capability retailers must have to cope with the industry’s rapid pace of change.

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