Mastering ATCO planning complexity to ensure
safety and increase efficiency

ATCO planning is a complex and dynamic challenge. Planners are required to work with various workforce agreements, ever increasing legislation, and fluctuating traffic volumes. They are also responsible for effective fatigue management and ensuring employee satisfaction.

How do successful air navigation service providers (ANSPs) do it?

In this two-part webinar, DELMIA Quintiq planning expert Jan-Willem van de Weem uncovers the best approaches in mastering ATCO rostering complexities. Learn:

  • The common challenges in ATCO planning and how to overcome them
  • Planning concepts that will bring ATCO planning to the 21st century

In the second part of the webinar, Lorna Herda, head of capacity management at skyguide, shares:

  • skyguide’s planning puzzle and how it changed over time
  • The objectives for a new workforce planning solution at skyguide
  • Important factors to consider when implementing a new planning solution

Find out whether the lessons learnt at skyguide are applicable to your organization.

Watch now

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