Minimizing the risk of ATCO fatigue with
fatigue risk management

Fatigue risk management or FRM is a hot topic in the world of air traffic control. This webinar is tailored to meet the needs of representatives of ANSPs, particularly those overseeing the scheduling of ATCOs. It gives you access to the information you need on FRM, and guides you through the process of incorporating FRM into your ATCO planning processes.

You'll benefit from the combined FRM and ATCO planning expertise of Alexis Brathwaite, president & CEO of IFATCA, and David Hillis, DELMIA Quintiq’s senior business development executive for the aviation industry. In this webinar, you'll discover how to equip planners with the right tools to actively manage the risk of ATCO fatigue, how to interpret and implement the latest fatigue-minimizing principles and how to ensure the safety of your operations while optimizing ATCO satisfaction and productivity.

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