Operational planning: Dealing with daily struggles
and optimizing your execution

Your customers expect only the best from you: Perfect customer service, minimal deviation from announced arrival times, and up-to-date information on their shipment’s location — all free of charge.

It's simply not possible to anticipate everything that could potentially occur — like traffic jams or your driver calling in sick last minute — much less prepare for every scenario.

The question is: How can you succeed despite the many daily operational challenges?

Let planning expert Martin Thesling show you how you can make optimal decisions when disruption strikes while also improving productivity and speed. See how DELMIA Quintiq can enable your planners to:

  • Incorporate real-time information into their planning during operations
  • Receive immediate feedback on the impact of their continuously optimized plan
  • Execute the best plan based on KPIs instead of the “one that works”

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