Jan de Rijk chooses Quintiq for Advanced Planning, Scheduling and Alerting

April 18, 2002 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Jan de Rijk today announced it has selected Quintiq for optimization of its company processes. The project, named Advanced Transportation Management (ATM), is currently well on its way.

Willem Heeren, Managing Director at Jan de Rijk: "Because of rapid growth it became necessary for us to optimize the planning and scheduling of company processes from operational to strategic level. In addition to that we will be achieving efficiency improvements, through a company wide transparancy and insight."

The goals that Jan de Rijk is aiming for with the implementation of Quintiq are:

Operational optimization
At the planning department decisions need to be made on an ongoing basis. This is being done by planners, who need a continuous overview of the actual situation.

Active alerting and constraint management
In a dynamic world in which on a continuous basis new information is becoming available, it is required for planners to determine which consequences this has for the planning. The planner can focus on solving the issues through advanced overviews and make decisions, instead of losing valuable time at identifying issues.

Strategic information analysis
Quintiq enables an immediate and automatic calculation of all the consequences of changes in an order with short response times. This can lead to changes in route schedules or a different classification of the shipments.

Collaborative scheduling
As part of the Advanced Transport Management project Jan de Rijk will expand the Quintiq solution throughout its supply chain. This is possible with the collaborative scheduling technology of Quintiq. The operational planning of Jan de Rijk is then connected to the operational planning of customers and/or suppliers.

Albert-Charrel Ernst, IT Manager at Jan de Rijk: "The decision to choose Quintiq was made quickly after we evaluated eight supply chain software vendors in a year. Quintiq was the best solution available. Particularly the proof of concept and the flexible configuration have greatly contributed to our conviction to choose Quintiq."

Arjen Heeres, COO at Quintiq: "Jan de Rijk's choice for Quintiq is an important confirmation of our strategy to deliver a truly flexible standard planning software package for the transport logistics market."

KPMG Consultants and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young are currently carrying out the implementation.

Jan de Rijk
Jan de Rijk is supplier of logistical services throughout Europe. The total services portfolio consists of warehousing, distribution, international transport and freight management services. Jan de Rijk has more than 700 trucks in Europe. The head office in located in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. Subsidiary offices are located in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Quintiq offers a standard software solution to virtually any planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization problem. Its breakthrough technology empowers companies with flexible solutions, enabling them to exactly model their business and optimize it fully, delivering bottom line value.

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