KLM Catering Services increases delivery performance and efficiency with Quintiq

November 20, 2002 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
KLM Catering Services today announced that it has increased the punctuality of the distribution of the catering products to the aircraft from 98% to 99.5% through the use of the recently implemented "Care" solution, based on the Quintiq planning software implemented by Ab Ovo Products. KLM Catering Services delivers between 30,000 and 50,000 meals a day to almost 20 different airlines.

Jacques Blaauw, Managing Director KLM Catering Services commented, "This is one of the few IT projects, which is implemented on time, within budget and has exceeded expectations concerning the functional requirements. The punctuality of the distribution of the catering products to the aircraft has increased from 98% to 99.5%, which is an important improvement for us."

The business process at KLM Catering Services can be characterized as very time-critical and the transported goods differ in number, content, shape and packaging. Furthermore, one has to take into account the very strict rules concerning hygiene (HACCP norms) and quality of the products. Finally, there is a high degree of changes in relation to last-minute orders, moments of airplane movements, location of loading on the airport and the use of onboard materials on the various flights. The delivery of the catering products, drivers and 100 trucks are being optimized through the Quintiq planning solution.
The former planning system was too large dependent on individuals and there was a less consistent execution performance. Additionally, there was not enough qualitative management information, resulting in a price/quality comparison, that was difficult to determine. Quintiq offers the possibility to deliver consistent service levels with adequate management information. Through the Quintiq implementation KLM Catering Services has also improved the utilization of materials, increased productivity and realized better commercial agreements with customers.

The implementation of the application lasted 6 months and has been carried out by Ab Ovo Products. With Quintiq 100% of the required functionality has been realized after a relatively short analysis, modeling and intensive interactive development phase. At the same time a real-time interface to the flight information system called "Firda" on Schiphol airport has been implemented in order to get a quick and adequate overview of the many changes in flight times and flight positions at the airport as well as to aide in the use of flying materials.
Henk Ruiken, Shiftleader at KLM Catering Services adds: "After a period of testing and going live during less busy periods, we have very successfully gone live with Quintiq on August 15, 2007. The project team and KLM Catering Services are very enthusiastic about the results of the iterative implementation development methodology. The key-users are excited to have developed their own application."

KLM Catering Services
KLM Catering Services is an independent daughter company of KLM. It provides services to almost 20 airlines on Schiphol airport (Amsterdam). Last year it had a turnover of €135 million with 1500 employees and between 30,000 and 50,000 meals a day plus a large diversity of other catering products (inflight services).

Ab Ovo Products
Ab Ovo is located in the Netherlands, with its main location in the heart of Europe's main distribution gateway, Rotterdam. Ab Ovo is an ICT total solutions provider and has an exceptionally strong presence in the travel, transport and distribution industry, ranging from cargo to passenger transportation, over land, over sea and through the air. Please visit www.ab-ovo.nl for more information about its activities and references.

About Quintiq
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