Vertis implements Quintiq at Pre-Mervo

March 08, 2002 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Vertis today announced it is going to implement software from Quintiq at Pre-Mervo, a manufacturer of raw materials and additives for animal feed. Factors such as short delivery times and very high demands to the specifications of its products make it necessary for Pre-Mervo to have complete transparancy of its business processes. The Quintiq software enables this by creating a bridge between the proces operating system at the bottom and the ERP-system at the top. Quintiq makes it possible for Pre-Mervo to optimize the production process, taking into account factors such as raw materials stock, contamination rules and wanted delivery times.

Vertis, the Dutch ICT company, has signed a partnership with Quintiq, supplier of state-of-the-art software for planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization. The partnership enables Vertis to offer solutions for detailed scheduling, in addition to the ERP solutions, which offer a more abstract type of planning. The Quintiq software also shows the real material usage and runtimes. A better and more complete picture is now available for management concerning the real performance. With the Quintiq software Vertis is offering its customers more possibilities in the area of vertical integration.

About Vertis
Vertis is part of the Vertis Holding and has more than 350 employees. Offices are located in Enschede, Groningen, Leidschendam, Veendam and Wageningen. Vertis is specialized in implementing ERP solutions, vertical integration, building and managing customized systems, as well as Application Service Provider (ASP).

About Quintiq
Quintiq offers a standard software solution to virtually any planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization problem. Our breakthrough technology empowers companies with flexible solutions, enabling them to exactly model their business and optimize it fully, delivering bottom line value.