AMR Research: Quintiq Rolls Out Even More Software to the Metal Mills

September 10, 2003 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
The Bottom Line: It takes time to learn how to optimise planning tools. The more tools used, the more learning required. Alternatively, there is an advantage in using a single, flexible planning tool that can support diverse, complex planning requirements.

The metal manufacturing industry is a complex environment by anyone's standards, and with heavy reliance on capacity planning, it's an environment where any error is expensive. It also requires both long- and short-range accurate planning. In such an environment, one would expect a company to play safe by using well-known planning tools. Not so in Hydro Aluminium's case. The German aluminium giant selected little-known Quintiq, following impressive results at Nuess-based (Germany) Alunorf, the world's largest aluminium rolling and casting facility, where a production increase of 24% has been largely attributed to the use of the product. Alunorf has worked with Quintiq for nearly five years. During this time, delivery performance has increased significantly, from 40% to 91%, and inventory levels have dropped by 26%. Alunorf uses Quintiq for hot line scheduling and logistics optimisation for rolling-stock movements and is now expanding this for all planning and scheduling processes, including melting and casting, cold bay/finishing, and collaborative planning and scheduling with their suppliers and customers.

Conclusion: Hydro Aluminium is one of the largest suppliers of energy, fertilizers, and light metals in the world. In addition to selling upwards of three million tonnes of aluminium annually, it's also the world's leading magnesium manufacturer. Quintiq's support of this sort of environment is starting to receive attention from many industries because, once mastered, the diversity of application of its tools sets it apart.

Source: 2003, AMR Research, Nigel Montgomery

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