Ewals Cargo Care signs contract with Quintiq

December 09, 2003 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Ewals Cargo Care today announces the signing of a contract with Quintiq for the delivery of an advanced planning and scheduling solution. Ewals will use the Quintiq technology to improve their Lead Logistics Provider capabilities for their automotive customers all of over Europe. Quintiq will plan and optimize the available transport orders and monitor the execution of daily operations.

Mr. Renaat Sohl, Corporate Manager Marketing & Development at Ewals Cargo Care says:" With Quintiq, Ewals has an advanced transportation planning and optimization solution with the flexibility to support any transportation and distribution process ensuring that Ewals can provide full and sophisticated 4PL services to virtually any size and type of customer."

Over a 1,000 orders with a wide geographical spread and a variety of dimensions and weights, will have to be shipped on a daily basis. With the Quintiq 4PL technology the available resources, mainly carriers, are used in the most efficient way within the boundaries of a punctual delivery. This planning will be based on a tactical plan, which will be created and maintained in Quintiq.

In the first phase Quintiq will provide real-time information to the planners about feasibility and cost of their decisions. The Quintiq optimizer will be implemented to create an optimized planning proposal within a very short planning lead time. The result of applying Quintiq technology at Ewals shall be better visibility and more efficient usage of resources resulting in a higher customer service level and lower costs for both the customer as well as Ewals. This will further strengthen the leading position Ewals as a fourth party logistic service provider.

The project has started and is due to go live in February 2004. Cap Gemini Ernst & Young is implementation partner, where Quintiq is main contractor.

About Quintiq
Quintiq offers a standard software solution to virtually any planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization problem. Its breakthrough technology empowers companies with flexible solutions, enabling them to exactly model their business and optimize it fully, delivering bottom line value. Please visit www.quintiq.com for more information.

About Ewals Cargo Care
Ewals Cargo Care is a European Logistics service provider, and a leading player in European transport and distribution. With its own network of offices, transport companies and warehouses in 14 European countries, Ewals offers full service solutions for moving, storing and managing a wide variety of goods in different industry segments. Next to it's own fleet of 3500 units (road and intermodal) Ewals Cargo Care has developed a lot of initiatives for managing complete supply chain and non-asset based transport programs. Please visit www.ewals.com for more information.