Logistic processes at EMO Bulk Handling supported with Quintiq technology

March 25, 2001 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

The deepwater EMO transshipment terminal in Rotterdam is the market leader in bulk handling. With unrivalled flexibility this efficient facility accommodates the largest ore and coal carriers active in ocean trading, 24 hours a day, seven days a week EMO was looking for ways to increase customer service and at the same time focus on efficiency.

EMO decided to choose Quintiq to support the planning department. Quintiq demonstrated the flexibility to easily model EMO's business process characterized by a multitude of resources. Today Quintiq enables the users to schedule vessels to be discharged or loaded, depending on their draft, their load and other criteria taking all constraints into account.

Mr. B. Pothoven, ICT manager EMO: "For years we were searching for technology which could optimize our planning and scheduling process. During a demo Quintiq proved instantly they were able to model the most complex part of our processes and generate better schedules. Particularly the possibility to replan in minutes is extremely valuable in our business".