Assan Aluminium selects Quintiq for Advanced Planning and Scheduling

December 10, 2004 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Assan Aluminium in Istanbul (Turkey) has selected Quintiq to deliver a state-of-the-art planning and scheduling solution to support its sales organization and production environment.

Mehmet Kahya, President of Assan Aluminium says: “Our vision at Assan Aluminium clearly is to become a demand-driven company and to move our entire enterprise-wide processes to a more customer-centric approach while reducing costs and improving our profitability. By deploying Quintiq, we want to increase our agility to respond to our customer’s changing demands and we will be able to realize significant savings in our supply chains by reducing inventories and handling costs, while increasing the plant output.”

Erol Özden, Head of Resource Planning: “We at Assan view planning as a key differentiator. Planning in the aluminium industry can be characterized as complex and very specific and on the other hand the key performance indicators determine the success of it.”

Assan has posted compounded annual sales and productivity increases of 21% and 16% respectively in the past five years. With the Quintiq solution Assan wants to support its ambitious growth and excellence in management plans.

The overall goal of Assan is to have a flexible and agile organization, which is able to deliver reliably and quickly, according to ever increasing customer specifications. With the planning solution Assan will be able to create visibility over the whole plant (foil and coil & sheet lines) and realize flexible scheduling and planning with real-time propagation of consequences.

Assan selected Quintiq after a 4-day workshop. Quintiq will implement Quintiq Company Planner and Quintiq Scheduler.

“Quintiq’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling solutions are used by leading companies in the metal industry”, says Arjen Heeres, COO of Quintiq. “These companies are forced to manage multiple KPIs. Using the Quintiq solutions they are able to realize high asset utilization, accurate and reliable order acceptance and promise, low production and transportation costs, shorter cycle times and superior customer service.”

About Assan

Assan has been serving the domestic and international markets since 1988 with superior quality of flat rolled products for distribution, construction, automotive and white&brown goods sectors as well as foil products for converting, household, pharmaceutical, finstock and insulation uses. Utilizing the world’s widest thin gauge speed caster lines, Assan is the largest and the fastest growing aluminium producer in Turkey with an annual continuous casting capacity of 150,000 tons.

About Quintiq

Quintiq offers a standard software solution to virtually any planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization problem. Its breakthrough technology empowers companies with flexible solutions, enabling them to exactly model their business and optimize it fully, delivering bottom line value. Please visit for more information.

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