Quintiq helps Transavia.com optimize maintenance planning

September 30, 2004 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Quintiq, together with Ab Ovo, is providing a maintenance planning application for Transavia.com. Quintiq's solution helps Transavia to improve the interval usage to more than 10%.

Art van der Hoeven, Project Manager Transavia: "Thanks to Ab Ovo and Quintiq we have a solution that enables us to optimally synchronize our maintenance planning to the flight program. Thus improving our interval usage with more than 10%"

The Transavia business process is highly seasonal. During the summer, it is vital that the airline makes optimum use of its aircraft. Year round, it must maintain a delicate balance between optimizing the operational efficiency necessary for competing in the low-cost carrier market, and operational flexibility, which is required for charter and ad hoc flight operations.

The Business process of the Engineering & Maintenance (E&M) Department is designed to accommodate maximum optimization of the interval usage of maintenance tasks (i.e. optimal performance of a task according to when it is due). This also optimizes the flexibility of aircraft availability for commercial flights, enabling Transavia to quickly react to market opportunities within the ad hoc and charter markets.

In long-term planning, the Quintiq solution optimizes the maintenance program using tailor-made clustering techniques, known as the pivot-algorithm. In short-term planning, the solution enables the planner to interact optimally with Commercial Flight Planning, facilitating the handling of constraints and providing direct insight into the consequences of planning decisions. The system generates management information for both long and short-term planning with respect to interval usage.

The software solution also includes capacity planning for platform maintenance, based on actual flight schedules.