Quintiq Optimizes Kuijken Transport Group's Planning

September 09, 2004 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Software supplier Quintiq is providing a planning application for Kuijken Transport Group, an international supplier of storage, transport, and distribution services. Quintiq's solution will support Kuijken in all its day-to-day transport operations, while meeting the strict rules and regulations that govern the transport sector. Kuijken chose Quintiq because of its proven methodology and the solution's extreme flexibility.

"These days, it's practically impossible to plan groupage services manually," says Ad Kuijken, director of Kuijken Transport. "Our strong growth has resulted in greater drop density because we have an increasing number of departures to ever-smaller regions. This allows us to better meet the needs and wishes of our clients at a competitive price. The down-side is that it's getting much harder to maintain complete control of the enormous number of shipments within the different planning departments. What's more, the transport sector is being subjected to increasing legislation, limitations and factors influencing external and internal costs - all of which makes planning even more complex. Quintiq software takes account of all the issues important to our planning activities. As a result, we can streamline our activities, make them efficient, and save money in the process. This isn't only good for us, it saves our customers money too."

The Kuijken Transport Group is active at four offices, one of which is located in the United Kingdom and which specialises in groupage transport in Europe. The office in Eersel (southern Netherlands) is responsible for transport to and from France; activities that give it a leading position in the Netherlands. Kuijken's transport services are characterised by broad diversity and flexibility, and are perfectly attuned to its customers' specific needs and wishes.

The Quintiq application is a real-time solution to optimize planning. It automates manual, repetitive activities, supporting planners in all their operations. Furthermore, Kuijken Transport Group benefits from complete planning transparency. This means that the system keeps track of the feasibility of every planning activity. If an item is not feasible, the system warns the operator immediately. One great advantage to this system is that costs, revenues, distances, and loads are all visible from the start.

About Quintiq
Based in Den Bosch, Quintiq develops and supplies software which enables companies to optimise their business processes as well as their collaboration with customers. Quintiq's advanced software for planning, scheduling and supply chain management helps integrate different business processes in order to increase efficiency. Founded in 1997, Quintiq has since managed over 100 implementations world-wide. Renowned customers are, among others, Jan de Rijk Logistics, Ewals Cargo Care, Kuijken Transport Groep, Corus and KLM Catering Services. For further information please refer to www.quintiq.com.