Dutch Quintiq reaches global deal with aluminium giant Novelis

May 24, 2005 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Worldwide approach to advanced planning and scheduling solutions
Quintiq, recently listed in the Deloitte Technology FAST50 as one of the quickest growing companies in Europe, today announced an agreement for a global approach to planning and scheduling solutions with Novelis, a leader in aluminium rolled products. The order is the cherry at the top of a long list of booked successes over the past twelve months.

Novelis has reached agreement with Quintiq for state of the art solutions for its business, operational, and tactical planning. The solutions will be deployed in different production facilities across the world. With 37 locations in 12 countries Novelis realizes a turnover of US$ 6.2 billion annually. The global agreement includes software licenses and consultancy fees and follows the successful implementation of Quintiq throughout Novelis' European plants.

"In the past year we have managed to sell our solution to a number of leading metal manufacturers in the world," says Victor Allis, CEO and co-founder of Quintiq. "This agreement with Novelis means Quintiq will serve as the company standard for the entire Novelis group."

"We have selected Quintiq for the unique combination of their state-of-the art software technology, in-depth understanding of our business processes in combination with a track record of making every project a success, no matter the complexities to be overcome. We are in the fortunate position that we have been able to base this evaluation on previous projects executed in Europe and some pilots projects in North America.", says Kevin Greenawalt, President of Novelis North-America.

Quintiq is able to take into account the many variables involved in the manufacturing of aluminium rolled products, including aspects related to recycling, melting and casting facilities, continuous casters, preheat furnaces, hot mills, cold mills, annealing furnaces, tension levelers, slitters, cut-to-length machines, etc.

The aim of Novelis is to enhance performance and improve efficiency; by implementing the Quintiq solutions created for the metals industry, Novelis ensures the achievement of this aim. The Quintiq software specifically enables Novelis to plan its production and logistics optimally resulting in improved customer service (both increased delivery performance and reduced lead times), reduced working capital requirements (especially metal inventories) and increased throughput.

About Novelis
Novelis is a world leader in aluminium rolling. The company has operations on four continents comprising 37 operating facilities across 12 countries. It is the only company of its scale and scope that focuses solely on aluminium rolled products markets, including automotive and transportation, beverage and food cans, construction and industrial products, foil and flexible packaging and printing. Formed in 2005 as a spin-off from Alcan, Novelis builds on the strengths of Alcan's 90-year history in the global aluminium and packaging industry with a new commitment to delivering value-added aluminium rolled products and services to customers worldwide. Please visit www.novelis.com for additional information.

About Quintiq
Quintiq offers a breakthrough technology empowering companies with flexible solutions, enabling them to solve their daily planning puzzle and optimize it fully, delivering bottom line value. Quintiq offers a standard software solution to companies active in metals, transportation & logistics and workforce for any planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization problem. Please visit www.quintiq.com for more information.