German Air Traffic Control selects Quintiq to deliver solution for operational staff planning

March 09, 2005 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
The DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, which is responsible for controlling the German air space, has selected Quintiq to supply DFS with a new solution for the operational staff planning. Quintiq was selected after a European tender in which 26 major suppliers participated. Hennef-based CONET AG, being one of Quintiq's leading alliance partners in Germany, was assigned with the integration of the new system into the existing DFS infrastructure.

DFS employs 3.300 air traffic controllers, flight data assistants, technicians and Aeronautical information services employees that ensure the safety of more than 8.000 flights every day. Last year the air traffic controllers of DFS controlled more than 2.7 million aircraft movements. They ensure that the aircraft always maintain adequate distance from one another, and that the air traffic over Germany is handled safely and expeditiously. The traffic controllers work either in the radar control centre or in the tower of one of the 17 major and 2 regional air fields in Germany. DFS also has staff working in the EUROCONTROL Centre in Maastricht.

In order to improve the operational planning DFS issued an European tender for new planning software that would be able to cope with the complex planning issues DFS is facing. Operational planning at DFS has to deal with a wide variety of constraints. To ensure safety, air traffic controllers keep an intricate schedule of actual controlling different aircraft movements (take-offs, - enroute flights and landings) and short breaks. The controllers have different skills, competencies and certificates. Furthermore all trainee controllers have to work with an experienced coach. The planning at DFS also has to comply with union and government regulations and has to be flexible enough to deal with daily changes, due to internal and external causes, such as sick leave and holidays as well as flight delays because of weather conditions or technical problems.

Based on proposals and demo's prepared by the five tender participants, DFS selected Quintiq for its flexibility and capability to take into account all possible variables. Quintiq also proved to be able to quickly determine all consequences of a necessary change in a schedule for the operational planning as a whole. The intelligent Quintiq software uses advanced algorithms to calculate the optimal deployment of staff at any given time, based on competencies and skills, availability, regulations and other variables.

DFS will use the Quintiq solution for the daily, monthly and yearly planning of air traffic control staff. The organization expects to be able to deploy staff more efficiently as the new Quintiq system provides DFS with real time insight in daily schedules and consequences of necessary adjustments At the same time more individual employee requests are expected to be granted. DFS can reduce as well much manual work on small or large changes in day and week schedules.

For the implementation DFS selected Quintiq alliance partner CONET AG because of their expertise in introducing solutions for warehouse, production and workforce planning. As an experienced systems integrator, CONET has all the specialists needed for integrating the new Quintiq solution with the various other systems that are part of DFS' overall IT infrastructure, and the design and development of the necessary interfaces.

About DFS
DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH is responsible for air traffic control in Germany. As a company organized under private law, DFS is 100% owned by the Federal Republic of Germany. Founded in 1993, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH is the successor to the Federal Administration of Air Navigation Services, a government authority which had existed for 39 years. The company's headquarters are located in Langen, near Frankfurt. DFS is represented at 19 international and regional airports throughout Germany. The remaining airports also operate under the supervision of DFS.

CONET AG has been active in developing and implementing IT solutions since 1987. The range of services includes consulting, software development, and information and communications technology. Currently more than 200 IT, management and consulting specialists are based at the company's headquarters in Hennef and the branch offices in Augsburg and Berlin. During the last couple of years CONET has achieved regular annual turnovers of around 30 million Euros. Please find more information at

About Quintiq
Quintiq offers a standard software solution to virtually any planning, scheduling and supply chain optimisation problem. Its breakthrough technology empowers companies with flexible solutions, enabling them to exactly model their business and optimise it fully, delivering bottom line value. Please visit for more information.