Ewals Cargo Care Announces Broad Deployment of the Quintiq Planning Software

February 20, 2006 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

Tegelen-based Ewals Cargo Care, a logistic service provider, has substantially expanded its existing contract with software vendor Quintiq. The logistic service provider has been using the Quintiq solution since the beginning of 2004 for its Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) activities in the automotive industry. On the basis of the new contract, Ewals will broadly deploy the Quintiq planning software, among others for over 4,000 trailers.

As a result of its positive experience, Ewals has decided to base all its activities on Quintiq activities. For this purpose, the company is currently developing a new portal that will become the central source of information for all European branches. Ewals has selected Cordys software for the integration of the various applications. Unisys will implement the Quintiq suite; Ordina will see to the implementation of the Cordys software.

The new platform enables Ewals to support the entire European planning process by offering all of its branches access to a single, centralised planning system. In this way, the planners at the various sites will have access to real-time information on orders, rides and the use of drivers at any given moment. In addition, they will be able to plan new rides and quickly identify planning issues in order to take appropriate action. The solution will provide multi-hub and multi-leg functionality.

The Quintiq software allows planners to create schedules manually or automatically. In the case of manual planning, they can filter variables in numerous ways, such as by material type, route properties, loading and unloading times and truck capacity. Planners can create various planning scenarios on the basis of these filters. The Quintiq system will indicate any bottlenecks or opportunities for optimisation. In case of a disruption, the Quintiq software will calculate the consequences for every schedule and offer solutions for any resulting bottlenecks.

Comments Renaat Sohl, CIO at Ewals Cargo Care: "We have seen and experienced Quintiq's potential with regard to creating quick and flexible applications that provide companywide support. Quintiq also allows us to benefit from more competitive operation through expected cost savings and improved efficiency."

About Ewals Cargo Care
Ewals Cargo Care is an integrated logistics company, operating on a global scale. For its clients in the automotive, consumer electronics, packaging, petrochemical, retail, high-tech and heavy industry, it provides a wide range of logistics services.

About Quintiq
Quintiq is a leader in delivering enterprise wide, state-of-the-art advanced planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization solutions that help customers reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve bottom-line results. Please visit www.quintiq.com for more information.