Emons Group goes live with Quintiq planning solution

July 05, 2007 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Quintiq system to support further growth of organization

After an implementation period of a few months the Emons Group in Milsbeek has gone live with the advanced planning solution provided by Quintiq. By deploying the Quintiq Logistics Planner, Emons Cargo and Van Huët, two Emons subsidiaries, are better able to support further growth.

Emons is a logistics services provider in specific markets and has offices in several European countries. Emons Cargo focuses on transport with its 2WIN® Concept, consisting of a trailer with two solid decks that was developed completely in-house. This trailer has the capability to load a maximum of 53 euro pallets with an available height of 1.80 m. Van Huët provides glass logistics throughout Europe using some 300 semi-trailers, including 230 loaders and 20 Logiglass® Trailers.

To support further growth, Emons started looking for a new software system for its planning in 2006. As the company operates in different markets, it looked for a solution that was flexible and adjustable. After a thorough analysis, it selected the Quintiq Logistics Planner. In addition to the flexibility of the Quintiq system the software vendor's experience in the transport sector also played an important role. The Logistics Planner is already used by several large transport companies.

Its in-built intelligence makes the Quintiq software different from other solutions. When it is implemented, all the relevant data are entered into the system, including driver information, routes, transport conditions and material. A planner can then generate a planning either manually or automatically. The consequences of disruptions are processed automatically, enabling the planner to take timely action. In this way Quintiq contributes to greater efficiency and better usage of personnel and assets. Together with implementation partner Ordina, Quintiq integrated the Logistics Planner with the on-board computers fitted in Emons trucks. As a result, drivers can be informed quickly of changes and other relevant information.

"Thanks to the Quintiq solution we now have a central and flexible system in place that can be accessed by all thirty planners at our seven offices", says Ger Welbers, CFO at Emons. "This enables us to better support further growth of our activities in Europe"

About the Emons Group
The Emons Group consists of a number of national and international businesses under one Dutch umbrella organization, the Emons Group Holding. The companies belong to various independent divisions, each of which is specialized in a specific branch of logistical service within the transport sector, in particular in chemical warehousing & distribution, glass logistics & transport, international double-deck transport and recycling logistics. The group has an annual turnover of 80 million euro, 450 transport units and employs around 575 people.

Quintiq provides advanced planning, scheduling and supply chain management solutions. The fast-growing Dutch company, established in 1997, offers software for planning and optimizing complex business processes throughout the enterprise. Deloitte has recognized Quintiq as being one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe, and industry analyst Gartner has acknowledged Quintiq for its innovative products and market presence. The company has its head office in the Netherlands and subsidiaries in Germany, the UK, Malaysia, China and the USA. For more information: www.quintiq.com