Quintiq helps AMAG rolling GmbH improve production planning efficiency

February 12, 2007 | Mannheim, Germany
Quintiq Hot Mill Scheduler installed to optimize rolling mill planning and increase productivity
AMAG rolling GmbH has decided to implement the Quintiq Hot Mill Scheduler. This will allow the company to meet cutting-edge product quality requirements and deal flexibly with market conditions and individual customer orders. A specialist rolling mill, AMAG rolling GmbH has established a global market presence and - thanks to ongoing optimization - delivers metal products that meet even the highest demands. The product range includes commercial products, such as tread plate, as well as high-gloss sheet and coil, and high-strength alloy products for applications in sports and leisure as well as the aviation and automotive industries. 80% of production is exported to markets in Europe and overseas.

AMAG rolling GmbH is a subsidiary of Austria Metall AG (AMAG), Austria's leading producer of aluminum semi-finished and cast products for the manufacturing industries. The company has staked its future on the increasing demand for individual solutions. In order to meet customers' expectations, it was necessary to optimize production processes by improving planning efficiency. Increased productivity on the hot rolling line, greater transparency and flexibility of operations, and better reporting were other criteria for seeking out a custom-made planning solution.

After extensive market research and visits to reference customers, AMAG selected the Quintiq Hot Mill Scheduler, an industry solution specifically geared to hot mills. This software suite will enable the company to keep up with increasing quality requirements of sectors such as aviation and automotive.

Mr. Carl von Gils, Managing Director of AMAG rolling GmbH and responsible for the project, stresses: "We decided on Quintiq because we could see how proficient the company is in rolling mill planning, and how easy it would be to adapt the Quintiq software to our particular requirements. That gives us the security of meeting our projected targets as well as being able to introduce new product innovations more efficiently in the rolling mill."

"We are convinced that our solution will not only live up to the company's objectives, but also provide it with new prospects for the future," adds Victor Allis, CEO and co-founder of Quintiq. "25% of rolled aluminum production worldwide is already being planned using solutions from Quintiq."

AMAG Metall AG
Austria Metall AG (AMAG) is Austria's leading producer of aluminum semis and cast products for the manufacturing industries. The strength of the company, which was founded in 1939, lies in its flexibility as a medium-sized operation and in the unique advantages of its integrated production site in Braunau-Ranshofen. The rolling mill and the extrusion plant have a cast house available on site, which guarantees high quality supplies of input material as well as the continuing development of its technological and metallurgical competence.

The AMAG Group concentrates its sales of aluminum sections and cast alloys on the Central European market, while rolled products are marketed worldwide with an emphasis on the EU, the USA, and Southeast Asia. In order to be able to serve customers in the most important sales markets efficiently and with short communication paths, AMAG rolling has subsidiaries in the key countries of Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and the USA. www.amag.at  

About Quintiq
Quintiq provides advanced planning, scheduling and supply chain management solutions. The fast-growing Dutch company, established in 1997, offers software for planning, optimizing and automating complex business processes throughout the enterprise. Deloitte has recognized Quintiq as being one of the fastest growing technology companies in Europe, and Gartner has acknowledged Quintiq for its innovative products and market presence. The company has its head office in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, and has subsidiaries in Germany, UK, Malaysia and the USA. Quintiq is certified for "SAP Powered by NetWeaver". For more information: www.quintiq.com