Mooy Logistics selects Quintiq Logistics Planner

January 22, 2008 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Logistic service provider Mooy Logistics in Waddinxveen has selected Quintiq to supply an Advanced Planning system. The selection was made after a thorough investigation of available solutions. Mooy will use Quintiq's Logistics Planner to plan in a more innovative way. In addition, it wants to reduce costs significantly and be able to provide high-quality customer service.

Mooy Logistics is specialized in bundled transport and storage and transport of perishable goods, including vegetables and fruit. The company has a focus on transports to and from France and Germany. International bundled transport of perishable goods is a very complex and dynamic logistics process. In order to be able to better address the critical time factor, Mooy started a search for an intelligent planning solution that is able to support planners in an optimal way. This is necessary for servicing customers and partners in the best way possible. Also, Mooy wants to be able to re-plan daily disturbances at the lowest possible cost, in order to respect service levels.

After a thorough selection amongst several suppliers of planning systems Mooy selected the flexible Quintiq solution. The main reason for this was that Quintiq could build a standard-based solution for Mooy within months with all the necessary rules and constraints. In addition Quintiq proved to be the most flexible system. Unique, user-specific rules are easily incorporated in the system. It is also possible to create screens that only display relevant information to users.

Mooy's planning solution is based on Quintiq's Logistics Planner, an industry solution that can be implemented very quickly. A planner can use Quintiq either for manual planning or get proposals from the system. The consequences of a disturbance in the planning is immediately calculated and communicated in realtime to the planning departments. This enables planners to proactively make decisions in order to solve bottlenecks or other problems. In this way planners contribute to a more efficient planning process and a better use of assets. This supports growth and improves the bottom line.

Arjen Keijzer, commercial director at Mooy Logistics: "In our business one has to move constantly. With this innovative software we want to show our clients that we are continuously looking for ways to create a win/win situation for our customers. Quintiq's planning system is unique and innovative and will enable us to keep the lead in our market. It may even help us strengthen our position further."

Arjen Heeres, COO at Quintiq, is very excited that Mooy Logistics has joined as a Quintiq customer. "Companies such as Mooy have a perfect fit with Quintiq's philosophy and culture. We both feel that only a perfectly fitting planning solution can help companies keep their unique character and process. Only then significant advantages can be realized."

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