SAPA Aluminum goes live with Quintiq planning suite

May 29, 2008 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
SAPA Aluminum in Hoogezand has recently gone live with the Quintiq planning suite. SAPA, part of the Swedish SAPA Group, manufactures aluminum profiles by extrusion. In this process aluminum is pressed through a mold at high pressure. Various aluminum companies already use the Quintiq software.

In recent years SAPA Aluminum has experienced a growing demand for its products. Its end products are applied in construction, automotive, transport and electronics. SAPA's existing planning system wasn't able to keep up with this increasing demand. Planning was largely manual and took too much time. In addition, the existing system didn't offer insight in the relationships between orders. This led to pressure on SAPA's delivery performance and run times.

SAPA has addressed these issues by implementing the Quintiq planning software. By optimizing its planning, the aluminum company has been able to shorten run times and reduce stock considerably.

SAPA has also been able to improve insight in order flows. This means it can make better decisions on reservations and delivery. More transparency not only leads to improved overall efficiency in production, but also enables for better customer service, based on measurable Key Performance Indicators.

"In recent years Quintiq has obtained a strong position in the metal industry with the accent on rolling mills. In addition to SAPA's aluminum rolling mill SAPA's Extrusion Group has now joined as a Quintiq customer. This underlines the versatility and flexibility of the Quintiq suite", says Francois Eijgelshoven, Business Unit Director Metals & Manufacturing, at Quintiq.

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