Third ThyssenKrupp Steel site selects the Quintiq planning solution

October 22, 2008 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Following announcements that ThyssenKrupp Steel AG will be deploying Quintiq's Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) solution in its central steel ordering process and its Bochum mill, the successful partnership is set to be continued at the ThyssenKrupp production site in Dortmund. One decisive factor in the move was the solution's easy integration into existing planning solutions, which will permit the phasing out of some legacy systems. Eliminating various problems in connection with these multiple systems and interfaces, the project will harmonize the IT environment and lead to cost reductions. The Quintiq solution is expected to go live in the first quarter of 2009. By making the decision for deploying Quintiq at yet another plant, ThyssenKrupp is further strengthening its competitive edge.

Currently, planning for each aggregate (acid cleaning and rolling, annealing, skin-pass rolling, wrapping, electrolytic and hot-dip galvanizing) is carried out separately at the steel giant's Dortmund plant. Calculating the consequences for downstream aggregates is an intricate challenge, and not all changes are instantly visible. Quintiq's visualization function will support the issue. Its easy-to-read graphic representations will ensure that the consequences of planning decisions are immediately recognized by all involved. Plant-wide scheduling will enable planners to recognize any possible knock-on effects at other production stages. Technical simplifications such as these are helping ThyssenKrupp to improve delivery performance and increase productivity.

ThyssenKrupp's decision to implement another Quintiq solution follows a successful joint pilot project in which the software specialist was able to demonstrate its ability to provide an ideal solutions approach. To ensure fulfillment of all planning tasks, the Quintiq applications will be tied in with existing technology, with order and material data being fed from the higher-level systems. Quintiq then transfers the campaign information to the shop floor, receiving instant feedback when a coil has been processed. This kind of complete integration into the planning environment was one reason ThyssenKrupp management in Dortmund decided to deploy the software.

"During the pilot project, Quintiq was able to demonstrate the technical perfection and seamless integration of its solution, as well as its unique steel industry expertise. The Quintiq solution will increase the transparency of our material flows and materials management. And the powerful 'what-if' scenario feature enables us to evaluate alternatives objectively. As a result, the coils take significantly less time to run through the plant, which improves our delivery performance and productivity," says Dr. Holger Müller, head of ThyssenKrupp Steel AG's production management in Dortmund. "Our planners too are benefiting from the Quintiq solution, as we are now able to create campaigns based on specific criteria for each individual plant. That saves us an enormous amount of time."

"The implementation of our solution in Dortmund is yet another demonstration of our excellent cooperation with ThyssenKrupp. Our customer-specific expertise will play a crucial role in helping the company build up its market-leading position," says Francois Eijgelshoven, Director Metals, Quintiq. "We're also pleased that this new collaboration reaffirms our excellent reputation as the leading provider of APS solutions for the steel industry."

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