Aluar Goes Live with Quintiq Macro Planner Solution

March 19, 2009 | 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Quintiq, a leading provider of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solutions, and Aluar Aluminio Argentino S.A.I.C., Argentina's primary aluminum producer, today announced that the Quintiq Macro Planner is now in live operation at Aluar. The Quintiq solution, a strategic multi-scenario and supply chain performance management tool, will enhance Aluar's ability to optimize its product mix, maximize capacity utilization, improve customer service, optimize inventory levels and eliminate hidden costs in its supply chain. The implementation project was completed on budget and on schedule, within only six months.

The Quintiq Macro Planner supports sales and operations planning in Aluar's smelter division, its main operations. Based on the importance of long-term strategic planning in today's volatile economic environment, Aluar sought a more comprehensive and flexible planning tool; and one that could integrate with its present IT environment. Leveraging its extensive experience in the aluminum manufacturing industry, Quintiq proved it was capable of meeting all of Aluar's planning needs.
"With today's unstable economy, more and more companies are realizing the importance of strategic planning for their long term viability," commented Arthur Torsy, Business Unit Director Metals & Manufacturing at Quintiq.

Accurate Decision-making and Improved Supply Chain Performance
The Quintiq solution was implemented in Aluar to improve the long term strategic capacity planning. The Macro Planner enables managers to determine the ideal product mix to ensure contribution margin maximization and eliminate overstock and to optimize its production capacity towards an optimal sales structure. Providing company-wide transparency, Quintiq empowers Aluar's managers with fast, accurate decision-making.
The Macro Planner is also employed as a control tool between the Production and Sales departments. Because it delivers visibility in the supply chain, the Macro Planner is used on a monthly basis to determine if there is open capacity, enabling Aluar to maximize capacity utilization.

Alejandro Ludueña, Marketing Development Manager at Aluar, said: "The implementation process has been a success thanks to the excellent cooperation between the Aluar and Quintiq project teams. In just six months, we have a solution built to fit our planning needs. The system is consistent and we are very pleased with the visibility and availability of data that we now have."

Quintiq offers a complete aluminum industry solution for planning and scheduling. The unique Quintiq architecture ensures that all company specific constraints can be entered into the system, ensuring a solution that fully meets the planning needs of its customers. Quintiq customers benefit from the speed of implementation of an out-of-the-box software solution along with a customer specific implementation.
The cooperation between Aluar and Quintiq has only just begun: the implementation of the Quintiq Scheduler is already underway and the implementation of the Quintiq Company Planner is scheduled to begin in the near future.

About Aluar
Aluar is the only primary aluminum producer in Argentina. With a production capacity of 410,000 tons, Aluar exports 70% of its output around the globe. For more information:

About Quintiq
Quintiq provides advanced planning, scheduling and supply chain optimization solutions. The fast-growing company, established in 1997, offers software for planning and optimizing complex business processes throughout the enterprise. The company's headquarters is located in the Netherlands and it has subsidiaries in Australia, China, Finland, Germany, Malaysia, UK, and the USA. For more information: